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Worldwide distributorship of New Zealand grown,
GM free corn chips

The Mexicano Corn Chip range offers authentic Mexican style, tortilla corn chips (including Gluten Free Corn Chip options) that are perfect for every occasion .

We are currently stocked in a wide range of NZ supermarket outlets, and have the capacity to export our products worldwide.

Mexicano is operated by Mexican Supplies Limited, who also offer a wide range of other Mexican foods products.

Who are we?

Mexican Supplies Ltd is a NZ owned and operated business, and manufacturer of the great Mexicano Corn Chips.

What's the range?

Apart from NZ's tastiest, home grown GM free corn chips, we also make a wide range of other
Mexican foods.

Need to know more?

Want to stock Mexicano corn chips in your store? Get in touch with us today and we can guide you through the process.

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